Christmas Vacations

I have just a maximum of 12 classes left to give this year, assuming I don’t get any cancellations. Which is unlikely! Teaching Business English, which is what I do, is a more informal line of work than being employed in a school. Almost all of my classes are with private students, which is how I like it.

The problem is, whether they are private or not, is that they’ll all take at least two weeks off over Christmas. Which is nice from the point of view of getting time off myself, but as I get paid per class, I lose out financially. And with it being December, there are usually extra cancellations too. And no one ever gives me a Christmas bonus! Sob! It’s definitely the worst month earnings wise!

If there is one tip I have to offer anyone thinking of starting out in this line of trade, it would be this. Be mean and merciless! The contracts that every teacher or school gives the students lets them cancel a maximum of two classes per month, or something similar. Stick to it! It isn’t unreasoinable really, given that you have bills to pay. But I’m a softy, and have never charged anyone for excess cancellations. I’m thinking about making it one of my New Year Resolutions though!

A trio of students hard at work!


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