Our Lady of Guadalupe

One of the great things about living in Mexico are the spectacular and elaborate celebrations they have for every festival that they hold dear. The most famous is perhaps The Passion, a re-enactment of the crucifiction held every year for a million or so spectators in Iztapalapa. And of course right now there are a million Santa Claus’ and plenty of nativity plays. But Friday was an extra special day for all Mexicans, who celebrated the special day for the most important person in the whole country’s history – Our Lady of Guadalupe.

As she is also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe, I set off in search of a re-enactment, presumably of a women not having sex. Turns out all the virgins of Mexico City were not having sex that day, and it isn’t much to watch to be honest. Do beware, if you ever do the same, and happen to wander Tlalpan or the streets around Pino Suarez, the ladies there may claim to be virgins, but I suspect they’ll be whatever you want if the price is right. And although the short skirts, fishnet tights and liberally applied lipstick might have you thinking otherwise, they’re not all ladies, let alone virgins. Or so a friends of a friend told me…

Now I am of course just joking. But joking about the Lady of Guadalupe is a dangerous thing in Mexico! Curse a person’s mother, his or her football team – but never say a bad word about the Virgin of Guadalupe! Or so I have been warned. But someone really should have warned Playboy. Which brings me to the point of the post. Can you even begin to imagine how the front cover of the latest edition of Playboy’s Mexican edition went down?!


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