The Death Penalty Poll

The widget based on my Death Penalty post is now closed, the automated counting has been observed and (very) briefly analysed and an online pie chart has been created. I must confess I was a little surprised that the result wasn’t more in favour of the ‘No’ option.

There were more ‘No’ voters than any other category, but it didn’t quite reach the 50% mark. Well, with a total number of voters numbering just 13 I think it’s fair to say that my poll is hardly conclusive regards popular opinion of any demographic segment, other than ‘those who happened to read The Mexile blog that day’ category.

Maybe the person who voted to be given a beer had it right, once all is said and done.


Should the death penalty be re-instated? No, said 46%. Yes said 38%, whilst 8% just didn’t know. Another 8% wanted a beer. I don’t blame him.


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