Winter in the Capital

It’s Christmas, nearly, and the government has pulled out all the stops to turn the Zocalo, that vast square in the centre of the city, into a hot and sunny winter wonderland, resplendant with igloos and snow slides and the world’s largest (so they say) outdoor skating rink. Whatever anyone may say about the sense of spending so much money on such stuff when millions of people don’t have reliable water supplies, it sure is popular with plenty of people. Which is another way of saying the square is packed full of jolly folk like sardines in a tin.

I did notice this year that there is a Christmas Tree in the square too. Maybe I’ve just been blind these last few years, but I’m sure I’ve never noticed one there before. And I’m equally sure I would have – it’s bloody enormous. Not that I’m grumbling. I like Christmas trees. Although I must confess it will never really feel like Christmas to me in Mexico City. It needs to be dark, cold, grey and rainy to be Christmas for this Englander.



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