Snapshot of Life

I usually shop at my local mercado – market. Which is a very different experience from shopping in a UK market, where dodgy geezers try and offload sub standard produce onto the poor or unwary. Pound of bacon for a pound? The salmonella is free…

Mercados in Mexico, by and large, offer better fruit and veg than you’ll get in Wal Mart or any of the other supermarkets, and for a lot less too. Of course, you do need to pick the right stall at the right market.

The photo below is of my favourite stall, presently resplendent with a fine selection of pinatas. The guy is always friendly and often throws in a few pieces of fruit for free. And not because he feels a little guilty at charging me gringo prices, I might add! He’s an honest chap, and I know the prices of my fruit and veg!

As a sort of related aside, I finally bought my new sofa yesterday, which will arrive on Saturday. I do like the way their ‘Interest Free’ credit options work. It may be interest free, but first they add an amount to the normal price which is roughly equal to, would you believe, the interest you would pay…



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