Day In The Life Of…

A recent commenter, who’ll know who he is I’m sure, recommended I try SmugMug to store my photos, rather than Flickr. Actually he just said Flickr was ugly and he preferred SmugMug, but it’s the same thing…sort of!

I did try SmugMug. Twice now, over the last couple of years. It’s nice enough. There are a few things I really like about SmugMug, such as the ability to add your own domain name and change the layout and themes. But there’s a few things Flickr do that I prefer too. The price, for one. Flickr costs me $25 a year. SmugMug would cost me $60 for the package that would attract me. That’s quite a difference. I don’t think Flickr is ugly by the way, and I do think the Slideshow on Flickr is better. But this is all besides the point.

The reason I like Flickr is the social aspect. Sure, SmugMug has communities and forums but it lags so far behind Flickr in this aspect that it’s hard to see them ever catching up. What’s the point of a photo sharing site being ‘social’? Well, you can add photos to groups, enter discussions and generally stroke your ego.

Whilst I do participate in groups and discussions, that’s not the ‘killer app’. For me, the key is simply inspiration. Everyone needs to be inspired, and Flickr’s social network has inspired me repeatedly. The latest is a Flickr group entitled, as you may have gathered from the post title, ‘A Day In The Life Of…‘. The object being to take lots of photos of your daily life on December the 21st. Which is a Sunday, and a day I happen to have lots planned for. There are some simple rules to be followed to participate.

They have also given the project a theme – Ground Level. The idea there being, obviously, to take photos with the camera at ground level. I’m already thinking of how I would describe, in pictures, aspects of my life, in a creative way. From ground level and eye level. I have to say I’ve rarely photographed from ground level, but when I have I’ve been pleased with the results. Now I have an excuse to go wild with the concept.

And on the 22nd I’ll be able to see hundreds of other people’s interpretations of it, and add what I see to my own future shots. If anyone here fancies joining in, add me as a friend and I’ll be able to see what you get up to!



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