Izta and Wildcoast

If you’ve been following my Mexican adventures over the last year, you’ll know that I set off to climb Mexico’s third highest mountain, Iztaccihuatl, and tried to raise a little bit of cash for my favourite charity whilst I was at it. I didn’t in the end make it to the very summit. Close, but not quite. I’m going to have another go in February.

But I didn’t link my success to the fund raising effort. I decided to adopt a more innovative approach to raise money, by starting a blog to chart my planning and fact finding, La Mujer Dormida. I also used the blog to do some sponsored posting and raise money that way. Was it a success? Yes, but I’m a little disappointed – I could have raised more! I planned to use two sponsored post sites to gain adverts, one of which is better than the other. Unfortunately I jumped the gun a bit and had done so many ads from the lower earning site that I was rejected by the better site for having too many ads!

Still, a big thank you to all of those who wrote a little post about my blog, or added it to your blog roll. It gave me a Google Page Rank of 2, without which I wouldn’t have raised anything. I have a plan for next year and with your support again, and with the knowledge learned from my mistakes, will I am sure raise even more. Also a big thank you to those who did donate to my fund directly.

How much did I raise in the end? A total of $170, which isn’t the grandest amount ever, but everything counts. The charity I have given the money too is called WildCoast, who do lots of good work along the Pacific coast, helping preserve the environment and wildlife. And of course those fabulous green shelled creatures, the sea turtles.

The PayPal receipt of the payment, just so you know I didn’t keep the cash!

If you missed the millions and gazillions of links I have posted to my photos of the Izta trip, you can see them on Flickr by clicking here. Or, if you just don’t have that much time, you can just look at the thumbnails below! It was an incredible weekend and I’m really looking forward to getting to the top again in a couple of months.




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