A Dry New Year

How’s your 2009 going so far? Good, I hope. Mine? Dry. Not dry as in alcohol free. Dry as in no water. Yesterday at about 9.30am the authorities decided to turn off the water supply to my zone. That was about 25 and a half hours ago and they still haven’t turned it back on. Let me teach you some new vocabulary, words which I’m currently using to describe the aforementioned authorities. Pendejos. Chinga plus a variety of other words, although references to a mother is quite common, and appropriate at the moment. And….no, I could easily go too far.

Boy how people in the UK take something as simple as a continuous supply of water coming from a tap for granted. Take a look at the clock now. Everytime you go to the loo, imagine if you couldn’t flush afterwards. Going out tonight? Imagine the looks you’d get if you hadn’t showered. Need to clean the stinky turtle tanks out? Imagine…well, imagine you were me. Because I don’t know anyone else with ten turtles!

Having the water supply cut off is such a regular thing here, and you just never know when it’s going to come back on. There’s no prior warning. A couple of hours? Half the day? Most of the day? I have to say the current situation isn’t so common, for the water to go off for more than 24 hours, but it has happened before. And it sucks. It really, really sucks.

If ever you visit here you’ll notice almost every roof top has a huge black water tub perched on top, to get people through these situations. But not everyone has one, and there are lots of people in my situation, in a block of apartments, with a roof several stories up. A roof owned by someone who doesn’t want, and won’t permit, half a dozen huge water containers sitting above them. And I don’t blame them really, what with the earthquakes. Such is life. It’s not a good situation and I’m afraid I see no end to the chronic water shortages that afflict this giant city.




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