Anthony Bourdain In Mexico

Anyone who reads David Lida’s blog might have caught a couple of posts he wrote about Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Mexico City to film an episode of his No Reservations show. Well it aired very recently. Catch it? No?? Well maybe you don’t live in the US. Still you can download it through iTunes. If you live in the US. If you don’t, well screw you is the apparent message. I’m sure it’ll be broadcast in Mexico eventually. On cable, satellite or terrestrial – I don’t know.

This is what gets me about todays media companies. They scream on and on about piracy and lost revenue, but don’t seem to have quite grasped the twin concepts of globalisation and the internet. Dudes, a word of sterling advice from yours truly – if you want to sell it, make the damn stuff available.

Because what happens when you fail to do so is this. People mosey on over to uTorrent and download and install their peer to peer software. They they take a virtual stroll across to a bit torrent site, find the torrent, in this case the Anthony Bourdain Mexico episode, and using the aforementioned uTorrent, download it for free. And you get jack all.

Distribution rights are a problem? I have a simple solution. Go down to your legal department. Gather up all the lawyers you employ. Fire the lot of them. It’s the perfect time, what with the economy being all screwy as it is. No one will notice a few more dumped on the unemployment stats. It’ll be a drop in the ocean. And besides, no one likes lawyers anyway. Then, you’ll find you just have distribution rights to deal with – the problem will disappear with the lawyers.

Anyway, I’m digressing. My ire with the RIAA, MMPA, DICK and HEADS of the world isn’t really what this post is about. It’s about the Bourdain show. I watched it (yes, in Mexico…..shhhhh!) and it was very entertaining. I guess mostly because I like all things Mexico. If your morals prevent you from visiting the torrent site, keep an eye on David Lida’s blog. He’s promised to look out for when it airs in Mexico.



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