Renegade In The Convent

You’d think I’d have seen all the important historical treasures within a five minute drive of my home. I have been living here for cracking on four year. Well it turns out I missed one. A former convent here in Culhuacan that dates back hundreds of years. It had lain abandoned for nearly two hundreds years, until a few decades ago when efforts commenced to try and restore it to its former glory.

Sadly photography is banned within the convent. But I went renegade. There was a security guard stalking us – we were the only visitors there. But every time he turned his back….click! Unfortunately he was very persistant and there were far more non-clicks than clicks.

Best of all? I may have found a home for the turtles, when we are forced to find them a new place to stay. It’s a huge pond, fed from an underground spring. And it must be quite clean, because there’s plenty of fish in it. Lots of space, lots of sun, lots of basking rocks. Perfect! I’m going to have to make enquiries.


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