A Fickle Day

I woke up this morning to a familiar and unpleasant fact of life in Mexico City. The water was off. Again. The water board has already decided to cut off the water to the majority of the city for 3 days a month, as the main reservoir has sunk below 65% of the normal level.

But it sucks, big time. I cursed Mexico and their stoopid water management for a good ten minutes, thinking how nice it’ll be to be back in the UK where I can turn a tap on safe in the knowledge that fresh, drinkable water will come gushing out. Thinking about how I can make that day come a little quicker.

But I managed to brush my teeth and wash my face with a jug of bottled water, opened the front door and stepped outside. To an familiar and unpleasant fact of life in the UK. The skies were a dark grey, drizzle was falling, the cold was biting through my jacket and the concrete paving wet and slippery. We don’t get this too often in the city. After a few days I begin to feel thoroughly depressed!

And all of a sudden I forgave Mexico City for it’s appalling water supply issues, and started thinking how I could extend my stay here, permanently – anything to avoid the 300 days a year of this crappy weather the UK gets.



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