Re-inventing the Centro Historico

Saturday afternoon I strolled along to a small but cute bar near Metro Isabel la Catolica for a teachers get together. I miss most of the get togethers, which happen once every couple of months I guess, because I live too far south and am too lazy! I made this one, arranged for a much more palatable time of 3pm. And there was a book swap going on.

But enough of the get together. Far more interesting was the rejuvenation of the area, with lots of roads pedestrianized and the area done up with fresh paint, a few newly planted trees and other nice little touches. All thanks to the cash of Carlos Slim and the local govt. Of course, Slim hasn’t done this entirely out of the goodness of his heart. Local property prices have unsurprisingly risen. Guess who owns a huge number of properties there? Anyway, I feel a photowalk is due, once we get some sun.




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