Words and Wordles

The beast has gone and Obama is now, officially, the president of the United States. And the entire population of the planet seems to be on the edge of their seats, waiting with baited breath for the world to suddenly change. Or at least for things to get better. But enough of the serious stuff….below are two of those trendy Wordles word graphs. One was made from Bush’s inaugural speech. The other from Obama’s. Which is which?

There are , perhaps, a few clues in there to help you. But some people might point out that these two graphs are just a jumble of words and pretty meaningless. I’d agree, and go further. All speeches are just a jumble of words and pretty meaningless. Every syllable uttered by Barack Obama thus far has been meaningless. But now is his time to try out a little of that ‘action’ stuff.

FForgive me if I sound thoroughly skeptical. But I’m expecting little. If anything. More of the same is more likely. Sure, I expect a wind down in Iraq. But that was already coming. Obama has made one speech of substance since being elected president. About Israel and the Middle East. My reaction? Wow! He’s kept on Bush’s speech writer! Let’s hope that speech was also meaningless…



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