Food For Thought

Today, lacking inspiration, I uploaded the below photo to my 365 photo blog. Well, a lack of inspiration maybe. But then the blog was meant to be a record of my year. And the photo does record a regular part of my life. A trip up to the mercado to buy a bag or two of fresh meat, fruit and veggies.

But I took the photo because I was so pleased with what I had managed to get for a little less than ten dollars. Two bell peppers, five large carrots , a large can of beans, five potatoes, a cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, a quarter pound of raisins, 100g of salted nuts, a big tub of natural yoghurt, eight small but juicy tomatoes, four mangoes and a red onion. In the UK, the equivalent six British pounds wouldn’t I’m sure go so far. Or has my memory begun to go screwy already?

What are you getting for ten dollars?



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