Something Of An Addiction…

I confess. I do have a little bit of an internet addiction. And not just from reading the never ending exploits of the Laughing Coyote School! I like blogging. So much so that I must have a dozen blogs on the go at the moment. Have you any idea how much time that takes up?!

Although it’s not as bad as it sounds. I keep most of them going as I am earning from them, or intend to monetize them later, when they have ripened a little. Some of them are just pure, unadulterated bollocks to be honest. Take my footy blog Two Odd Socks for example. Or my tech blog Netgenics. Or my rather bizarre blog based on an undeterminable subject. They haven’t been updated lately. They’re still brewing, waiting for the day I can turn them into dollars. But the link love I just gave them doesn’t hurt. Helps a lot in fact!

But I do have a few other blogs and sites that I enjoy doing, or have some value. The first would be the Mexiled Photographer, which simply contains camera, software and photo news, reviews and whines. I’ve also been working on my panorama photography site, which I have linked into the blog I just mentioned.

And then I have my Tumblr blog. Now this is the easiest one of them all! I’ve set it up, now I sit back and let it grow on it’s own! I have these three main blogs. This one. The photography one. And of course my 3six5 blog, where I’m posting a photo a day. I just add the RSS feeds of all three to Tumblr and it churns out a single blog with the content of all three! It has to be said it only provides the first few lines of a post and you have to click on it to go through to the main site…but still!

Right. Enough is enough. I’m off to bed!



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