Ciclothon Video

Yesterday I thought I’d record my bike ride on the ciclothon. Literally. With a tripod sellotaped firmly on my handlebars, I pressed the record button and cycled hell for leather round the Angel and back up to Belles Artes. It would have been nice to make a better quality video, but sellotape, bicycles and Reforma’s potholes and cobbles make some of it a bumpy ride. Speeding up the video only enhances that, but it was too long a ride to play at normal speed.

The music that I’m cycling along to? On Friday those meanies at Facebook removed one of my videos for copyright infringement, no doubt at the behest of the music label who own the track. It was just a slideshow of my photos from 2008 with a bit of Frank Sinatra added on. Ok, by the letter of the law, it was naughty. But in a practical sense, no one was ever going to download that video for the soundtrack. The recording industry are so petty.

What could have been the effect of having Frank crooning along to my photos? Someone might’ve liked the song and bought the album. In most industries, such a thing would be regarded as welcome exposure. Well, Mr RIAA, just to let you know that I think you suck, that I haven’t paid for any music owned by a major label for at least 7 years, that I won’t buy any major lavel produced records, and that I’m looking forward both to the day you sink without trace, and the day everyone realises that despite the loss of the labels, good music is still being produced. It’s just Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys who disappeared. Tell me how that’s a bad thing?

From now on, I’m going to use free music to accompany my videos. The tracks on this video come from the album Roots by Galdson and can be downloaded, listened to and shared for free. Legally. I used a Creative Commons search site to find the track, and had a fair amount of fun going through all sorts of different artists before settling on Galdson.


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