Homeward Bound

For two weeks from Sunday I’m going to cease being a Mexile. Which means, obviously I’m heading back to the UK. I’m sure I’ll still have a few posts to write, but probably not the frenzied quantity of stuff that I’ve been producing recently. I’ve just installed loads of portable apps onto my PC (Firefox, Photoshop and Premiere Pro CS3, Lightroom 2 and more) so I’ll be taking my PC with me in a virtual sense, if not physical.

I’m going to be spending most of my time in Dorset, but I’ll hopefully get to visit London, the city of my birth. And take lots of photos, of course. Even though I lived there for 25 years odd, I’ve discovered that I have a grand total of one London photo on Flickr. All my other snaps have been lost in hard drive malfunctions and deletion accidents over the years. The one photo I have left is below, of the tiled glass ceiling on inside of the British Museum. I will add to that! But first I have a nightmare 16 hour flight to get through, along with a two hour coach journey when I finally land.



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