I landed just in time. A day later and my trip would have been in jeopardy, what with the sudden freeze and a foot of snow dumped on London, closing Heathrow for most of the day. But I didn’t fly a day later, and I did arrive ok, if a little tired. The journey was about 20 hours door to door, all told.

But I’m back ‘home’ now. Except, as you would expect, home didn’t feel like home what with all the many changes that have taken place since I last was here in 2005. Although I’m quickly settling back in. But I’m definitely missing Mexico City’s pleasant climate. It is nice though, to be able to turn on a tap and know these three basic things will happen:

  • water will come out
  • if I turned the hot water tap, hot water will come out
  • it is actually possible to drink this stuff

I may build a snowman later today. Or maybe a SnowMexican. A chile for a nose, beans for eyes and mouth, and I’m sure there’s an old sombrero around here somewhere…


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