Memory Lane

I did rather up and leave to visit the UK rather abruptly. Which some might think strange. Although no one has asked, it has to be said. Long term expats might well be familiar with the most common reasons behind sudden trips home. Not always good, or happy ones. But more on that another day. Maybe.

It’s a journey that has been, or at least provoked, a trip down memory lane for lots of reasons. And I’ve decided to try and digitize a small selection of family photos so that they might be given a little processing before they become too faded, and stored where they can be seen.

Ever wondered what I looked like as a little kid? No, probably not. Still. I’ve gone through a few albums now, some that were my grandfathers with snaps dating back to a time before England ever won a World Cup. That’ll be 1966. One of the albums is full of my mum’s photos, taken in the late 1970’s. When flowery wallpaper and flying duck ornaments were cool. The photo below is of me celebrating my fourth birthday.

Click here for the Grandfather Album set on Flickr, and click here for the Wonder Years set.


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