The British Museum

I personally can’t visit London without visiting the British Museum. If you’ve never been, start planning your visit now. It’s the only place on the planet where you can visit the world in a single day. But, with more than 6 million items in their collection, it would take a little bit longer to see it all.

It houses some of the most famous relics, from part of the beard of the Sphinx, to the slightly more controversial Elgin Marbles which the Greeks want returned. In fact, you’ll often find yourself on a tour at some historic site in one of the four corners of the world, only to be told the best bit (or part of it) is in the British Museum.

There are some great museums around the world. And I’ve seen some of the best of them. But for my money, not only is the British Museum the world’s finest, but second place is some distance away. Best of all? It’s free. Won’t cost you a penny to get in. Zilch. But just wait till you see how much a Traditional English Cream Tea will set you back in the delightful restaurant up the stairs in the Great Court…


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