An Eastern Weekend

I just had a really rather pleasant weekend. With something of an Eastern theme. On Saturday we, we being Paola, Elizabeth and myself, went to the Anthropological Museum to check out the Tzar Exhibition. Paintings, pots, jewelry and other antiquities all on loan from Russia. It’s a pretty big exhibition so leave yourself plenty of time if you’re visiting.

And yesterday we decided to get off our usual beaten track and explore somewhere else. We went to the City Market, where we expected to find a lot of international products. I have to say it wasn’t quite what we were expecting. It was a small supermarket, albeit very new, shiny and chic. And the range of international goods wasn’t as expansive as we might have hoped.

But it was worth a visit. Their meats and cheeses were excellent and I found Baxters Horseradish Sauce, which I promptly purchased. They even had Coleman’s English Mustard (powder form), although I already have a supply of that from the UK. Oh, and fresh rhubarb too, which was ironic – I just bought Paola two tins of the stuff back from England. Although it has to be said the fresh stuff they had was priced well beyond what we’d pay for it!

And then we went on to look for food and found a little Japanese restaurant. It looked very popular with the local oriental community, so we gave it a try. They did have some authentic sounding dishes, but I went for a less authentic sounding pork in bread crumbs with rice served with curry sauce. Very tasty it was too. And a very generous plateful to boot. Although so it should be for 100 pesos! Two could have shared it.

Still, Japanese food tends to be more expensive than that usually. And they are nice enough to have a picture menu in the restaurant window to compare against the written menu, so you have an idea of what you’re getting. I’ve added the location of the restaurant below. The City Market is a few minutes walk away by a park, and if you read my post about Anthony Bourdain’s travel show a while back, the Fonda Margarita he visited is also next to the park.

To walk off the meal we then crossed over Insurgentes and had a stroll around Parque Hundido. We’ve been next to it a few times – the turtle vet is just off a side street – but never through it. It’s a nice Sunday afternoon walk, and just finished of the Eastern Theme I mentioned at the beginning of the post. It was full of Olmec statues and structures from…well, east of Mexico City!



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