A Modern Scourge

Or art? Mexico City is covered from top to toe in graffiti, especially once you leave the Centro Historico where some effort seems to be made to prevent/remove the stuff. Every bit of wall seems to be plastered with spray paint. And it has to be said that it’s not just Mexico City that is afflicted with this problem. Although it seems to be worse here, I’ve noticed it wherever I go.

The shame is, some of it can be quite good. And sometimes the walls would look worse without it. These graffiti ‘artists’ do have some talent – if only the really creative ones were doing this I suspect it wouldn’t be considered a problem at all. But sadly there are plenty who have little or no talent and who seem intent on scrawling a crappy tag on everything.

I took a few photos of some of the graffiti in my own neighbourhood today, which isn’t the best you’ll find in DF, but isn’t the worst either. Is graffiti such a problem elsewhere in the world? Perhaps Singapore’s judicial system could be adopted over here. Cane them with a nice long piece of bamboo in public!




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