Ciclothon in the Old Quarter

PhotobucketAnother Sunday and another bicycle ride courtesy of Mexico City’s brilliant Ciclothon. Yesterday the route went through an old part of town. It’s a part of town that reeks of decay, a lack of wealth, tradition and a potential for crime. And it’s utterly charming.

I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Mexico’s mega rich property mogul, Carlos Slim, pours some of his considerable capital into this part of town to transform it into something a little more modern. Until then it will remain a piece of forgotten and abandoned Mexico City that us cyclist can enjoy on a Sunday morning. I don’t actually know if the ciclothon goes through here every week and I’ve just never noticed, or if it is a regular part of the route. I suspect the former, but I could be wrong.

The ride did end up going down Reforma as usual, which is always pleasant. There was a definite musical theme to the circuit this week, as there were not only more buskers out than usual, but also a rock concert going on at the Angel of Independence.

PhotobucketFancy giving the ciclothon a go? You should, it’s great fun. You don’t need to bring a bike, because you can borrow one for free providing you have some official identification. There are repair stations along the way too if you need your tyres inflated or other minor repairs made. And there are plenty of stands giving away free water!

It’s the perfect time of year to get on your bike too. It’s dry, warm and the Jacarandas are in bloom along pretty much the full length of the route.And if you do have an accident, which can happen to the most cautious of us, there are ambulances and medics ready and waiting to patch you up.

To be honest I’d never seen anyone have an accident worthy of medical treatment till yesterday – I missed the incident that I photographed in the image on the right. But there were quite a few tangled bicycles lying on the ground, so it must have been a reaonable pile up! As ever I took plenty of photos, which can be seen by clicking here. One of them was my 5,000th photo on Flickr, which contains all my surviving digital snaps. A minor milestone for me!


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