Slumdog and the Pirates

I went to see Slumdog Millionaires on Sunday, on account of it winning all those Oscars. It’s well worth seeing, with a very simple but extremely clever storyline. The sort of storyline that makes you wonder why you didn’t think of that and write the best seller book! But such is life.

But the part of the movie that I wanted to write about most came just before the movie started. The adverts.  Before the film starts there is always an anti piracy ad. And in Mexico they centre heavily on the theory that buying pirate DVD’s is somehow frowned upon. Considered socially unacceptable. That the kids are getting a raw deal when daddy brings home a poor quality pirate disc.

What it really shows is how out of touch the movie industry are with the Mexican public. Frowned upon? Get real, the vast majority of the population have at least a few pirate movies in their collection. Poor quality? Most of them look just fine to me! Some of the telesync’s are dodgy quality, but then they are often for movies that haven’t hit Mexican cinemas yet, but have been out in the States for a while. (Could they learn something from that?)Kids feeling robbed? Yeah, right. A lot of these kids consider a trip to the cinema a pricey annual treat.


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