Cash Fat Crisps

I have a little bag with a shoulder strap to carry all my books, pens, camera and assorted junk to my classes. Emphasis on the junk. Old Nutri Grain, crisp packet and Bigote wrappers galore inside there! But now and again I have a clear out. Like this morning at class. Emptied all the crap onto the table to drop in the bin. Including a couple of those tazo things you get in some packets of crisps. Or chips, if you’re on the west side of the Atlantic.

But lo and behold! They weren’t tazos! Just as I was about to make the garbage transfer from table to bin, I noticed something strange about them….and opened them. And would you believe, they both contained 20 peso notes! Woohoo!

I never buy Sabritas crisps, but this week fancied some plain salt ones and bought a couple of bags. And it turns out they’re having a big cash giveaway, and putting little wraps of money into lucky packets. So look carefully before you chuck any mysterious items away that you found in the bottom of your packet…

Of course, now I know about the give away and am buying Sabritas for the prizes, I ain’t winning nowt!



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