Fully Operational

I did a little post about my blog redesign last week, mostly to advise that my comments system hadn’t been properly integrated. But now another little post about my redesign. Just in case anyone was wondering….why bother? Aside from freshening up the look a little.

The template I used for my old blog was, to put it simply, shagged. I’d added so much code in the HTML which was screwing around with other things I was trying add to make the blog a bit more functional. Also I wanted a wider space for the posts – bigger pictures! And more to the point, I no longer need to reduce the size of videos I add to fit it. And I can do posts with smaller images with wrap around text as well.

I wanted a link bar too. An easy to see place to put links to my Flickr, Facebook, Friendfeed and Twitter sites. An easier to see Contact link too. That reduces a lot of clutter from the sidebar too.

I’ve kept the Archive calendar and Lijit search widget, and added a couple of RSS feeds too. The first, My Photo Blogs, provides the latest headlines to posts on my Mexile 365 blog and my Mexiled Photographer blog. The second, Shared Items, is a multi tasking feature that replaces my Blog Roll and a does a bit more too.

This feed comes from Diigo, a bookmarking site. I did have a collection of Mexico orientated bookmarks on Magnolia, but that site went belly up. Basically, anything I read on the web or in Google Reader can be instantly bookmarked, and will appear in the Shared Items list in my side bar. I hope to build up a useful collection of bookmarks for all things Mexico. That’ll include links to individual blog posts (rather than a simple link to a blog’s homepage), links to news, links to info….anything really. I do have some work to do on that concept though. I will add non Mexico items too, and use the tagging and List functions to separate them.

I’ve also fully linked my blog into Friendfeed and Facebook. My posts will appear on Friendfeed and any comments on my post there will also appear here. Not that that happens often, but still…

So what ya think?



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