The Happy Man

Happy was the theme for today. I like happy. And having driven past a sex shop with the bold logo ‘Happy! Happy!’ emblazoned across the canopy, it just seemed appropriate. Today is the first day of spring – happy, happy! Paola got the afternoon off school as a result – happy, happy! We went to Coyoacan for a stroll and a delicious pizza at Cafe Moheli – happy, happy!

The old chap in the photo below was happy, happy for sure. I really find it difficult to photograph people. I just don’t like to point my lens at someone and start firing off shots. It seems rude. An invasion of their privacy. Really, I just need a longer zoom on my camera, so I can take a photo or two without them noticing…

But the guy below was just too much of a looker to not have his photo taken. He was sitting outside a coffee shop, drinking his cup of black gold with a spoon. Literally. One slurped spoonful at a time. I don’t know if he’s homeless or not. He looks a little too shabby to be rich. But perhaps a little too clean to be living in doorways. The coffee bar assistant didn’t know either, but he comes by at the same time each day for his cuppa.

Paola spoke to him first, to ask if it was ok, and mentioned what a lovely hat he was wearing. It made his day. He was more than happy to have his photo taken, and wanted to know how he should pose. He was all smiles and was chatting away long after we had taken our photos and strolled off. I think he was uttering pleasant and thoughtful wishes of a religious nature. God Bless.



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