Bullets and Bazookas

This is a post about safety and security issues in Mexico. And I’m going to keep it short and sweet. To the point. Concise. And add it to the list of tales posted by Mexico’s bloggers to the Truth About Mexico blog.

Come to Mexico City for your vacation, and you actually won’t be beheaded upon arrival at the airport. Nor are you likely to see anyone beheaded. There won’t be any narco gangsters waiting outside your hotels to kidnap you, or inject you with vast quantities of cocaine. You won’t be stepping over scores of dead, mutilated bodies on your way to the pyramids. Sorry if this disappoints you. I know all those news headlines would have you believe otherwise.

Basically, if you turn off Fox News on your telly as you leave your home for your trip to Mexico City, that’ll be the last you’ll see or hear of the drug war in Mexico until you get back and turn your telly back on. The reality is that outside of a few border towns, which account for the vast majority of the drug war killings, everything and everyone is continuing as normal. Because outside of those towns, life is normal. I’ll give it to you straight. No spin. No bollocks. Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is lying. As are the others whose reports go beyond ‘misleading’ or ‘misinforming’.

The truth. There are birds singing from the fronds of the palm trees. The Jacarandas are in bloom. Street vendors are selling fresh fruit and candies. The sun is shining, the sky is a glorious blue and the streets are bustling. Green VW Beetle taxis are shuttling people from place to place. Tour guides are showing off their city. There are lots of things happening on the streets of Mexico City. Pretty much everything but a drug war. So come pay this fabulous city a visit.

The face of Mexico that Fox isn’t showing you….

2 thoughts on “Bullets and Bazookas

  1. Tory says:


    I just started reading your blog. I was in D.F. for two months last year and I loved it. I never had or witnessed any kind of security or safety problems but I was (and am!) a guy. Now I’m thinking of moving there with my girlfriend. Given the deluge of news about the state and the fact that thetruthaboutmexico website hasn’t been updated in almost a year, have there been any changes as far as security in D.F. or Southern Mexico? It’s so hard to read through the news and I don’t quite trust my Mexican acquaintance to be objective as half of them say “No problems!” and half insist I shouldn’t go out at night.

    I may just buy your revised book if you ever get around to it! The TEFL market in Mexico is another thing I can’t get a handle on despite vast amounts of verbiage on the web.

    Thanks in advance,



    • Hi Tory,

      Mexico City is just a fine place to live! Sure, there are parts of town that are dodgy. No problem, just go there. They are the sorts of places you’d just never go near anyway. Going out at night is no problem. And I imagine the very worst thing that could happen to your gf is a pinched bum! I’ve heard from female friends that it has happened once or twice to them on packed buses. But it’s an annoyance rather than a danger.

      The TruthAboutMexico website was just a reaction to the far right press in the US. I guess it served its purpose.

      For TEFL, you can go to the web address below and contact them and they’ll tell you what you need to know about courses. There are other schools in DF that I’m sure are also very good, but this is the place I went through and therefore the one I can recommend based on personal experience.



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