Euro Jazz 2009

There aren’t many places in Mexico City where you can lay down on a clean patch of grass, listen to birdsong and smell – well, grass. I don’t mean ‘grass and burgers/dog poo/garbage cans/car fumes/stray animals’. Just the smell of freshly cut grass.

Tempted? Cen Artes in the south of the city, a very short walk from General Anaya, is the place to go. The fairly modern but funky looking buildings are set in huge gardens which are kept clean and free of roaming dogs, whether on a lead or not.


It’s a big complex which hosts lots of exhibitions and shows, which at the moment includes Euro Jazz 2009. We went to this one a few years back but seem to have missed it in recent years.

An international band has the stage, an outdoor stage, each evening on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Next weekend is also the last weekend. I hope to make the Sunday show. We only caught a few minutes of the show yesterday. It’s a great opportunity for a picnic. We’ll be armed with some fresh bread, cheese, olives and crisps next time, although you can buy hot dogs and coffee there.


There is also a Cinemark cinema in the grounds. By far and away my favourite cinema in the city. Yesterday we went to see Last Chance Harvey featuring a young looking Dustin Hoffman and an elderly looking Emma Thompson.

It was ok. I guess. But there are other movies I’d recommend above it. Slumdog Millionaires would be one, as I mentioned a few weeks ago. And the trailers for the new Star Trek film are showing, so hopefully I’ll have another excuse to pay the cinema a visit very shortly.


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