Web Ala Mexicana

I wander around the web quite a bit, but I regularly stumble across new places worth sharing. Two of today’s recommendations are blogs, one of which is an opinionated guide courtesy of Jim Johnston. The other being about a Small Fish In The Big Taco, Catherine’s take on life in Mexico City. Both have made it into my very exclusive list of Google Reader feeds. 🙂

Lastly, just in case you’re interested, is Verve Earth. It’s a new project with very little meat on it as of yet. But it looks interesting and is a fun way of finding a few new blogs out there.

I seem to be having troubles with my own site. A couple of visitors have complained that the Disqus commenting system I use on this blog is crashing their browser or causing other troubles. Is it just them? Are they weird, or is it me?!


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