Changing The Guard

For years and years, the green and white Beetle taxi has been an icon of Mexico City. But both are on the way out, as change triumphs over tradition. The venerable VW Beetle has long been given a fair chunk of the blame for the pollution that afflicts Mexico City, and the car will this year, I believe, be outlawed for use as a taxi.

There is a new colour scheme too, with more and more taxis taking to the streets with the burgandy and gold livery paint job. Is it burgundy and  gold? I’m really only familiar with HEX colours. I just know it as #471016 and #be9a4c.

And incidentally, despite the terrible reputation of the city’s taxi drivers for robbing people, I’ve never had any serious problem with one. Beware those who claim their meter isn’t working though. Just thank him, but decline his offer and get out. I’ve had a few tell me that old chestnut and quote me a ‘cheap price’. In fact it happened last night. The chap wanted 50 pesos for what I knew would be roughly a 20 peso trip.  I got out and caught the next taxi, who did have a meter working. It was 21 pesos.


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