Bob’s Little Surprise

We’ve known that our turtle Bob was a girl for a while now – in fact all the turtles we gave male names to have turned out to be girls. But what we didn’t know was that they become sexually active at three to five years of age. We thought it was longer, but it turns out we were wrong. Because this morning, from out of the big plant pot I put in their pond for basking on and digging around in, came a few little surprises. Which also explains why Bob’s eating habits and basking times have changed. I say a few little surprises….in fact Bob produced a dozen little surprises and one huge surprise….


How talented is Bob? Her first nest and she produces a very rare Siamese baby! It’s still absolutely tiny, and I’m not sure how the swimming thing is going to work out for him/her/them. Naming it is going to be a problem too. We’ve decided to call the one on the left April, but haven’t got a name for the one on the right yet. Any suggestions?


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