Today’s April Fool

I might have caught a few people napping on the 1st of the month with my little story about Bob giving birth to a two headed turtle, but today’s fool is definitely me. The moral of this story is simple. Never, ever, ever ride your bicycle at top speed down a pitch black Mexican street with only one hand on the handlebars. Because when you inevitably hit the pothole, the result isn’t going to be good! And these are 12 inch deep Mexican potholes, not your average little UK pothole.

The photo I took of my hand rather tells the story. The other hand and both elbows suffered too. And my knees. Yes, I was riding at a pretty good whack. And of course, though I am a fully grown 36 year old man, I have now reverted to the mentality of a four year old as all grown men do in the event of a minor illness or injury. As a result I now require plenty of sympathy. Unfortunately, Paola has gone off to Milwaukee for Easter so I’m home alone with the turtles, and Bob is still sulking over my April Fools blog post – he’s feeling ‘used’ apparently. So no sympathy there. Online sympathy will have to suffice I guess….

Still, at least my bike wasn’t damaged, nor my phone. And for the first time in about six months I didn’t have my camera in my bag. Skin heals for free (and a quick read up on the NHS site tells me I’m covered against Tetanus for life) whilst bikes and camera don’t! Anyway, I guess I’d better stop typing away and go and clean my wounds…


Edit: I’m all cleaned up! I found the most pathetically small antiseptic wipes I’ve ever seen – how they can cause so much pain and stinging I’ll never know! And I’ll probably get a bill from the local council – I appear to have half a road’s work of gravel embedded in my arms…


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