Man Food

If you like, you can give the title of this post an extra adjective. Lazy Man Food, perhaps. Abandoned Man Food sounds good too. Or even Slob Man Food. In the UK the dinner in a plastic cup is sorted out by Pot Noodle. Here the most popular brand is Maruchan, although I rather like the Nissen ones, as in the photo below. And if you needed proof that these are for the type of men I’ve described, just look who they use as a selling point on their cartons. Homer Simpson. Nuff said.

Yes, Paola is away visiting her mum in Milwaukee, and I have been to Soriana, the local supermarket, to stock up on essential supplies. The stuff a lazy slob who has been abandoned needs the most. Pots and pots of these noodley cups. And disposable plastic plates and forks. Sorted.



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