Mexico Flu Diary – Day 1

Well maybe. The mystery flu outbreak ravaging Mexico City has made the front page of most global online news services – I’m a bit late to the net to be claiming to be offering breaking news. But still, I can tell you how it is.

Paola got the day off from her school, because like all other schools and many public buildings in the city it was closed. Twenty people are dead so far. Or dozens. Or sixty. It depends which source you’ve looked at.

Hundreds of people are wearing blue or white surgical masks in the streets to try and avoid getting the dreaded lurgy. People commonly wear these elasticated masks if they have a cold to try and avoid spreading the infection, so it’s normal to see a few people kitted out. But not hundreds.

I don’t however know of anyone who has had the flu this year. At all. But it is apparently a pandemic. I’m not sure it’s the scale of sufferers that has people worried though, but the rather nasty effect it’s having on the victims.

My rather nasty sense of humour wants me to start some viral ‘preventative measures’ rumours using Facebook and the net in general. Eat three frogs before 6am. Or perhaps insert a tampon in each nostril whilst reciting Psalms Verse 6 lines 12 to 23. There is enough superstition about for something along these lines to get some traction. But I’m resisting the urge….

The local school, closed gates, signage et al.

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