Mexico Flu Diary – Day 2

The anti flu measures are spreading. Yesterday schools were closed. Today museums, public buildings and events along with cinemas are all closed, and they are going to remain closed through next week at least. I had to use the metro again today to get to work, and whilst those wearing a mask are in the minority, I’d say that around a quarter of all passengers were donning one. That’s possibly because army and navy personnel have been issuing masks free to everyone entering main stations.

And there are now 81 people dead, according to the latest report we heard on Imagen radio news. Eight of those died today, and include the director of the world famous Anthropological museum, apparently.

The streets were much quieter today. Far from deserted, but much much quieter. The drive home from the Centro Historico, normally a 45 to 60 minute crawl on a Saturday evening, was over and done with in 25 minutes. That’s as good a guide to how things are as any. But I still haven’t met anyone with the flu…

Soldiers issuing masks at Tazquena metro station. Click here for more photos.

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