Mexico Flu Diary – Day 3

Sunday, normally slightly quieter on the roads, but busier in the parks, malls and city centre, was even quieter today than it was yesterday. Where would we go for entertainment? We tried to visit the Olympic Stadium to walk around and grab some photos. We didn’t want to go inside, but as it turned out just getting close was problematic.

The venue was due to host a football game, Pumas being the home team, behind closed doors. But hundreds of police were still stationed along the road leading up to the giant stadium. Whether that’s because it had been pre arranged and nobody had bothered to reassign them, or because they feared fans would try and attend anyway, I don’t know.

So instead we went to Parque Viveros, a sea of green tranquility in the concrete sprawl of the city. A fairly empty park, bar the hordes of tame and hungry squirrels that beg for nuts and happily take them out of your hands. I have a few photos of them here.

The internet is a great source for information, and the flu is no different. Mashable have a list of sources that are tracking the outbreak globally. And I have added Sanjay Gupta to my Twitter list. Click here to add him if you have Twitter. He is one of the most famous doctors in the US and has come to Mexico City to…well, report. Help. Advise. Who knows for sure. His total list of tweets so far…

off to mexico. masks in hand. will try and send along updates and pics along the way.

http://twitpic.com/420bc – landed in mexico. these were the first people to greet us when we arrived.

so quiet here in mexico city. city of 20 million is silent today. The few who are out are wearing masks. never seen anything like this.

Starting to learn some facts. first death was apr 13, and that person was sick for 2 weeks beforehand. They had no idea it was swine flu.

so, how is this different from regular flu? It is hard to tell. but doctors tell me vomiting/nausea characteristic and sudden dizziness

just interviewed the mayor of mexico city. he first heard about swine flu just last thursday. he may shut down public transport. moving fast

I would take issue a little with his comment that the city is silent. It’s quiet, but far from silent. But the last tweet is the most worrying. Shut down public transport? That’ll be the metro and microbuses. Which will make it very difficult for me to get to some of my jobs. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far.



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