Mexico Flu Diary – Day 4

It’s been another quiet day on the streets of Mexico City as events keep turning for the worse. The death toll is now being put at 149, although it has to be said there is scepticism as to the seriousness of the event. Last year 36,000 people died from normal flu in the US. Influenza is a dangerous illness that does routinely kill.

Am I a sceptic? Not really. The anti flu measures might be over the top, they might not. We’ll only know once the outbreak is over, the bodies counted and the tests analysed. Till then, no one really knows what’s what.

I used the metro again today. Still quieter. I did notice a lot of cleaning going on, with metro staff, double gloved, administering a strong bleach solution to all surfaces regularly touched by hands.

There are far more people wearing blue masks today. At my first class at an HQ of a big bank, all workers were wearing them. It was mandatory, and loudspeaker announcements reminded them of that every couple of hours. At my second job, a pharma, I wasn’t allowed in till my student met me at the door and gave me a face mask. Do they work? There are two schools of thought on this subject, one pro, one against. I suspect both, and neither, are right.

Rivergirl is reporting, on Twitter, the number of empty planes arriving at Cancun airport, loading up with tourists and heading off again out of the country. Not good for a tourist industry already hurting from the media reporting of the drug wars.

The public transport system hasn’t been shut down, but every school in the country, not just in DF, has been closed till May 6th. And for those who like the online map tracking facilities that have been cropping up, the BBC has a pretty good one.


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