Mexican Waterboarding

Water shortages have been a problem in Mexico City for some years now, and it’s not rare for the taps to be turned off for a few hours in my neighbourhood. But this year has been especially bad – one of the main reservoirs supplying the city is at an all time low, and the water supply has been turned off for longer, and more frequently.

But maybe this week, when the government is telling us to wash our hands frequently to prevent the spread of the flu virus, wasn’t the best time for the taps to be turned off for four days straight! We had only a couple of hours supply each day, and this pushed my neighbours over the edge.

The took to the streets, with placards and slogans at the ready, and blocked Eje 3, a main road through the south of the city and right outside my house. The police watched them for a couple of hours and let them have their say. But by about 2.30 the riot police were instructed to remove them. The water supply had, at this stage, been switched back on 20 minutes ago.

I’m now using to host my videos, because it’s just got a nicer interface. I would like to do more video, and had my eyes on the new Sony Webbie HD pocket camcorder, but alas, the Swine Flu is taking all my money!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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