Mexico Flu Diary – Day 6

The death toll is now at 159. Or is it? There were few hard facts before today, but Day 6 has just brought more confusion still. The World Health Organisation and Mexican authorities have decided that there are no longer twenty-six confirmed deaths but in fact only seven. Que? What’s up with the other 152? Or 133? Or whatever? What did they die of?

It could just be that I’m getting this all wrong. Or that everybody is getting it all wrong. Maybe it’s simply that the other 133 victims have yet to have the proper tests conducted and will later be confirmed. Or it could be that a lot of these deaths are normal flu. But I’m none the wiser I’m afraid. The WHO have increased the alert level to 5, one short of the maximum global pandemic rating. This just makes me more confused than ever. When did Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend become experts in the flu?

I did fear this morning, with the death of a baby in the US, that I had lost my apparent Gringo immunity from death. Only Mexicans have so far died from this flu outbreak. Why no one knows. However, my immunity has been returned with news that the baby was in fact a Mexican who had been flown to New York for treatment.

What I do know is what I see around me. Every day I’ve noticed things are visibly quieter than the day before, and the trend continues. Not surprising I guess, considering all restaurants have no been ordered to close or sell take aways only. Last night a lot of street stalls and small taco shops weren’t obeying that command, but today they seem to be mostly complying.

People seem to becoming more worried too. At least the ones I talk to. And economically, it could turn into a serious issue if too many workers, many of whom are on or near the breadline, are kept away from work too long. The alternative for some of them could be, sadly, crime.

The aporkalypse is upon us it would appear. Armaggedham. Mexico has truly had it’s bacon. Any other witty bits of world play anyone has come across. Or must I comfort myself in the Swine Flu Conspiracies? Yes, indeed – you can Google the term and fine more than 1,750,000 results, or 136,000 results for Mexican Swine Flu Conspiracies. Apparently, the virus is a man made creation sent into humanity by those fearing climate change will end the world, as a way of ‘correcting’ the number of humans on the planet. Al Gore is the man responsible. Of course.



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