Mexico Flu Diary – Day 10

There is nothing new to report, other than to say the threat the Swine Flu potentially posed is diminishing to near zero, although I understand that there will probably be sporadic outbreaks every few months for the next year, and that the danger time will come in the autumn/winter when the environment is more flu friendly and a mutated (and possibly more dangerous) variant of this flu could spread again.

I did a very short little video yesterday, just showing a few scenes on my way to work. To be honest, in the absence of a video showing what these places are normally like, the comparison value of the clip is almost nil. You’ll  just have to take my word for it that things are normally busier! You can see that, whilst some people are still wearing blue face masks, most are not. Or just have a look to see what my journey to work on a Saturday morning is like!


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