Mexico Flu Diary – Final Day

Hallelujah! The flu crisis is now officially over. Sort of. Restaurants and cafes reopen on Wednesday, museums and others on Thursday. As I understand it, universities and secondary schools also reopen Wednesday, with Primary schools letting the kids back in on the following Monday, the 11th.

Cinemas, nighclubs and some other establishments however, won’t be allowed to reopen just yet. Boo! I want to see the new Star Trek film, and the new Angels and Demons film! But overall, life does seem a lot closer to normal now. Tequila will flow with a little more jubilation tomorrow, Cinco de Mayo, than might have been the case.

There are still some unanswered questions though. Those who died were apparently in the 21 to 40 year age bracket, which is more than just a bit unusual. And there have still been no non Mexican deaths. What’s up with that? The stats would suggest a couple of dozen US citizens should have died, but none have. Fortunately. I’m not wishing death on anyone for the sake of some sort of racial equality! Hopefully the answers will come with time.

After nearly two weeks of living in Ground Zero, which has been a very bizarre, eerie and rather confusing experience, I am logging off as a Flu Diary reporter. The worst is over and hopefully after tomorrows public holiday, things will soon be back to normal. I’ve also posted my last photo in my Mexico Flu Outbreak set on Flickr, so you can now mosey along and check out the completed set.



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