The Undeveloping World

While Developing countries like Mexico are desperately trying to catch up with the Developed world, it appears they may not have to work quite as hard! I’ve just watched a program from the UK about the restaurant trade, which finished with a novel, and legally speaking, iffy culinary enterprise.

A couple had started a restaurant in their living room. They avoid the hassle of getting all the permits and paying taxes and just have to be sure not to accidentally invite any police officers to one of their underground cook fests.

Whatever will people think of next! Well actually, this is pretty standard stuff in Mexico City. Walk down any residential street of a certain length and you’ll see at least one living room which has been opened to passing potential customers on the street. The food is simple and cheap, and the seats often all taken.

It’s also one of the many things that many Mexicans would associate with being their country being stuck in the ‘developing’ category. But that’s not necessarily so of course. Is it a sign that the economic crisis is having a truly enormous effect on the UK, or just that Mexicans had things right in the first place?


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