The Barbie Exhibition

A Barbie doll exhibition isn’t normally my sort of thing. Not by a long way. But Paola has fond memories of Barbie, and with the museums opening on Thursday she insisted. I had no choice.

Going into the museum was a bit like entering the US. Except the forms want to know if you’ve had a cough recently, not whether you are a terrorist or Nazi. And once you’ve ticked all the right boxes there is an obligatory squirt of anti bacterial gel in the palm of your hand.

Anyways, the Barbie exhibition was actually quite good. Particularly the section of different Barbie nationalities. Who would have guessed there was a South African Barbie? Or a True Brit Barbie? Or a Barbie in A French maids outfit? I took an upskirt photo of that Barbie, not only to see how many views it gets on Flickr, but also to restore my manliness, which can only have been harmed by a hour looking at dolls. As ever, there are photos. Click here to go see them on Flickr.



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