Teachers Day

Mexico doesn’t discriminate*. We don’t just have Mothers Day and Fathers Day. There’s Childrens Day, Office Workers Day, Factory Workers Day, Lesbian Typists Day. Oligarchs get 365 days, of course. I have Teachers Day. My special day. Although because I don’t actually work in a school, unlike Paola, I don’t actually get the day off. But my class today did remember, and a chocolate cake made its way in my direction.

Sadly I won’t be getting anything from my other Friday class. The pharma who hosts more than half of my classes are suffering from a heightened sense of paranoia brought on by the Swine Flu outbreak. They banned all non essential external visitors several weeks ago, and unlike everyone else who has since re-opened, they have decided to remain on alert, and closed to non essential external visitors (which probably means just me) till June at the earliest. Yay, more than half my income gone…


*I said Mexico, not Mexicans! Just before the obvious is pointed out…


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