Sundays are fun days, when both Paola and I are freed from the time consuming constraints of employment, and able to pick a place to go and explore. This week we headed down to UNAM, the large state run university of Mexico City. When I say large, I do mean large – it’s not called University City for nothing. Walking from one end to the other is quite out of the question. There is a bus service laid on free to students to ferry them about.

The university is home to many fabulous and famous institutions. The botanical gardens. Crazy architecture. The giant Olympic Stadium that gave us the ’68 Olympics and now host home games of the university soccer team, Pumas. And of course, there are museums.

We went to the new MUAC museum this week to check out some contemporary art, and have a general wander around the surrounding part of the campus. The museum is like many modern Mexican buildings. Concrete, white walls, lots of glass, a sense of space and air. Very sanitised.

It’s not a huge museum, but not too small. Just right for an afternoon’s carefree meander. There are plenty of eating options, both inside the museum, and just outside. And always the chance of a random artistic performance of some kind in the large paved area outside. Click here for my photos of the museum, and UNAM in general.



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