Counting The Cost

The Swine Flu alert is finally, officially, undeniably, incontrovertibly, absolutely, totally and utterly…over! For now. The Mexico City government have decreased the alert from yellow to green and announced no new cases in a week. So it’s time to start counting the costs.

For many businesses that involves estimating losses due to the flu. For me, I can give you an exact figure, although I include classes that have been cancelled over the next week too. The pharma that banned all external visitors is sticking to it’s end of May quarantine plan. So all in all, I lost 7,800 pesos. That’s US $591, or 372 British Pounds Sterling, or 422 Euros. In any currency it’s quite a lot.

Actually it could have been worse. For the last few months my total monthly income has been a maximum if about 15,000 pesos, but because of the inevitable two to three thousand pesos worth of cancellations I have been taking home something closer to 12/13,000 pesos. Luckily this month the remaining students I had cancelled just 255 pesos worth of classes, and I managed to pick up another class. But still….I could’ve bought some good stuff with that lost 7,800 pesos! A new camera…a flat screen TV….a flashy cell phone….



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