Is Anybody Out There?

It’s not like I usually get a flood of comments to a post, but most get at least two or three. But since I switched over to WordPress….nada. Not a one. Even though I kept my domain name. Although the feed was made defunct by the change.

Did I lose everyone? Is anybody out there? Just nod if you can hear me…


13 thoughts on “Is Anybody Out There?

  1. Vato says:

    I’m still here reading from time to time.

    BTW, i prefer this new layout to the older one. This one is more clean, more straightforward.


  2. Gary,
    I read you five by, over. I think I know the problem. When the comment box asked for my name, each time I tried to enter it a “flash” box popped up and did some strange stuff. Finally I entered the first letter of my name in lower case and the box remembered me and gave me back my full name in both upper and lower case. Same thing with e-mail address and website. Duhhh, that’s all I know. I think that there are a lot of folks who wouldn’t have kept on trying. You better check it out 🙂


    • garydenness says:

      Glad to see you too Bob! I don’t know what the problem you are having is exactly…hopefully just a momentary blip. I am just using the standard WordPress commenting system.


  3. Larry in Mazatlan says:

    Nod! Yup, check you out each morning. I suspect I’m like a lot of people and don’t comment very often. More of a lurker I guess.



  4. Of course you are perfectly correct about my “problem” photos this week…but then as a DF resident you should be!!Thanks for details of that DF24 photo competition…might give it a whirl!!


  5. Kim G says:

    Hola Gary,

    I still enjoy your blog. I did notice, however, that on Steve Cotton’s blog, your blog updates no longer show up, i.e., I think on his blog it shows that you haven’t posted in more than a week. So if your traffic is coming from that kind of link, I’ll bet there’s a lot of people who just think you have stopped blogging for a bit. I don’t know if you can write them, or what. But that may be part of the issue.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are hopeful that the html tag which is supposed to make this line italicized actually works.


    • Especially good to see you still loitering Kim. I guess my posts aren’t showing up on Steve’s because the RSS feed went screwy. I did used to get a lot of traffic through him, although I have noticed increased traffic via WordPress too. I’ll have to beg him to put my new feed in!

      Congrats on the italics 🙂


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