The Mexiled Photographer

I moved my blog to this platform so that I could monetise the Blogger platform doing paid ads. It can be pretty profitable. I also have a few other blogs which I hope to turn into cash, as soon as the site’s rank is high enough. The main one being The Mexiled Photographer, which although I started with the sole intention of cashing in later (in other words, intending to fill with crap content!) I have quite enjoyed writing the posts. So hopefully the content isn’t as crap as it might have been. Perhaps. It’s not aimed at professional snappers – that’d be a bit arrogant given my own amateur status! But if you’re a hobby photographer of some sort, maybe there will be something there of interest to you.

Still, I do want to turn it to cash later, so if anyone out there with a blog fancies adding the site to their blog roll, it’s appreciated! It all helps! My target for that blog is to earn enough money to buy a new camera. What camera? I’ll be writing a post over there about that very soon. By the way, my Mexico City Marathon blog now has a great rank, so I should be able to squeeze some cash out of that in the few days, all in aid of WildCoast, my fave charity. Thanks to everyone who wrote a post and/or linked to it.



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