The Best I Could Do

Some days you just can’t get inspired. Nothing comes along that grabs your attention. You feel too tired. You just try to hard. I had all of those days at once, on Friday. Which was a shame, because I had intended to take lots of photos for the DF:24 competition. In the end, I amassed just two. And they weren’t terribly good. But I submitted them anyway, just for the hell of it. The photo below tells the story perfectly. Rubbish…



2 thoughts on “The Best I Could Do

  1. I also was a bit uninspired and ended up submitting a few that I didn´t think were particularly good… the light, weather and rain were also somewhat against us…plus it seems different going looking for a shot… I have never quite done that before… anyway I am interested to see if they did get some good submissions and what they finally selected…


  2. Going out intent on a day of shooting has worked for me before….but not this time. In someways I think the mission was too vague to be inspiring. Life. Can mean anything!

    Previously I´ve gone off with themes including Ground Level, where the idea is to photo everything with your camera on the ground. That was good fun!

    But such is life!


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